Good News from S.A….

Greetings from a fruity and nutty South Africa….  

Following “fruitful” discussions with Montagu, we “finally have some good news for a change”, say’s Audrey McMillan.  “We can once again buy direct from Montagu dried fruit for exports. We were stopped from exporting their products some years ago, but this brand is still very well known in South Africa and was a favourite for many customers until we had to stop exporting their products.”

Montagu dried fruit and nuts are a proudly South African brand, known today for offering the biggest variety in dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

Established in 2001, they have grown into one of the best known brands in S.A, resulting in the establishment of a national franchise network.  They are committed to quality, service excellence, focusing on building long terms relationships with their partners, suppliers and customers. 

Our product range is substantial, including mixed dried fruits, yellow cling peeled peaches, bon chretien peaches, pitted prunes, saltana and raisins and of course, our clients favourites, fruit rolls and bars,
mixed dried fruit, cubes and lollies.  
Yes, they’re back!!

Staying in Cape Town, we are also happy to announce the return of Riverside Waterblommetjies!!!

After several years of not having stock, we have managed to secure stock once again.  The name actually means “small water flower stew” and is used in stews, generally made up of a mix of meat and waterblommetjies.  The plants are found in dams and marshes in the Western Cape and are seasonal to July and August each year.  

The crops unfortunately failed last year, due to the adverse weather conditions we have been experiencing and there was no canning.  But this year we were able to can successfully and we now have stock in our warehouse once again.  Please feel free to order what stock you need.  Also, remember that this product comes with about a two year shelf life.

And lastly, to a sweet ending, and the grand finale in our Good News Story…Fruit Pastilles, one of our customer’s big favourites, are back, better than ever!!!

You will remember a product called Wilsons Rowntree fruitips fruit pastilles, which were discontinued many years ago, but it has now been brought back again by Beacon under the name of Maynard’s fruitips fruit pastilles

It currently comes in cases of 24 x 125g bags and 24 x 75g packets, perfect for dropping into a Christmas stocking or two…..

Please visit our website for more details at 
From a warm and sunny South Africa, wishing you all a fabulous November. 


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