Looking back to move forward….

In an ever changing, highly competitive world, we tend to be so focused on setting goals and defining where we want to be and what we want to achieve, that we forget to take time to stop and celebrate our successes.  Sometimes just by looking back and seeing what you have managed to achieve, gives you inspiration and strength to continue forward. 

Looking back over the year, we at Sapro are so proud that we have managed to add to our already substantial product list so many new products , as well as bringing back old products that were no longer available.  Thus ensuring we deliver on our mission of offering our clients a diverse, comprehensive and substantial product range of the most popular products available in South Africa.

So here are just a few highlights of the year that was; 
After so many years on no stock being available, we were able to bring back the ever popular Riverside Waterblommetjies.  

We introduced you to Melissa’s export product range of jams, biscuits and gift hampers, a firm favourite in SA
We also announced our new partnership with Montagu dried fruit and nuts who are also very well known in South Africa and have over 100 Franchise stores throughout the country.
We toured Cape Province and delved into the fascinating world of craft beer, bringing you  Darling Brewery’s exciting new craft beer range.  

We announced that we were appointed the exporter for LK’s products, who have a wide range of braai accessories. Their range includes braai’s, accessories, rotisseries, and even smokers.  

We were also appointed an exporter for Barry’s health and nougat bars.

And last, but not least, we found two manufacturers of banting products, one of whom, Banting Boulevard, exports on a regular basis.  South Africa is the fore runner for the manufacturing of these banting products due to Tim Noakes new banting diet.  

Please visit our website at www.saproninternational.com for a more complete selection of the new products we introduced this year, as well as access to our entire product range.  

From a warm and sunny South Africa, wishing you all a fabulous November. 



Darling Brewery

LK's Products

Barry’s health and nougat bars

Banting Boulevard
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