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Jan 2017 Sapro News


Cape TownHappy New Year.  We hope you had time to take a break and re-charge your batteries over the December holiday period.  It seems that with the progression of technology, time is becoming one of the most cherished and sought after commodities.  Which isn’t entirely surprising….but demands that we make and take the time to recover and recuperated from the endless demands of daily life. 

Cape Town was at it’s most majestic over the summer holidays, what with locals and tourists pouring into the city to enjoy all that Cape Town has to offer, from the plethora of wine farms, to the magnificent beaches, the majesty of Table Mountain, adrenaline inspired kite surfing, the party atmosphere of Newlands cricket ground for the new year test and of course sublime weather to accompany it all.  A fabulous time was had by all!

With Trump. Brexit. Duterte. Le Pen. The attempted coup in Turkey. 2016 wasn’t without its challenges. And as 2017 starts with the inauguration of Donald trump on 20 January and the confirmation of the UK’s exit from the EU, we thought we’d give you a look see at some upcoming trends for 2017.

If you’r an ABBA fan (whether you admit it or not) then you may get to see them tour once again.  ABBA, who has resolutely refused to re-unite or tour again, is partnering with Simon Fuller and Universal Music for a virtual tour in 2018, the likes that we have never seen before.  

Alibaba’s Singles’ Day (11.11) is the world’s biggest online retail event: in 2016, the platform reported facilitating USD 17.8 billion of transactions in a single day.  2016’s Singles’ Day saw Alibaba launch Buy+, a virtual reality shopping experience. The demo video shows how Chinese shoppers could be transported to – and shop in – Macy’s in New York.

Virtual reality is without a doubt going to be a big game changer in terms of technology development and user experience.  The trends and developments are endless…the question is, what are you doing to make sure your business remains relevant and your brand meaningful?

At Sapro we understand the consumer experience is key and are constantly reviewing the business processes in order to ensure they deliver on your expectations.  We commit to continue that trend into 2017 and beyond. 
Here’s to a year filled with success, fulfilment and enduring relationships.

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