Change is a foot…



Well, here’s hoping you enjoyed celebrating St Patrick's day earlier on in the month and hopefully you aren’t still feeling the after effects!!

It is of course change of season, depending on where in the world you are.  Some of us are going into Autumn and others into Spring… either way, change is in the air, either chillier or warmer.

We understand that change is part of life, the only constant we can count on and, as such we have to ensure we move with the changes.  This is why, we at Sapro, spend so much of our time reviewing our product range in order to ensure that we not only have the very latest offerings, but also that our existing range is still relevant. And of course, getting you the very best deal possible is just part of who we are.

With over 6000 products in our range, this is no mean feat.  Our latest discussions with KWV have resulted in setting up a direct account with them, facilitating better prices whether we are packing a container in JHB or Cape Town.

We have also successfully completed negotiations with Liqui Fruit where we buy directly from them, ensuring you get the best possible price. We have also made a decision to buy in bulk and store at our JHB warehouse, ensuring we have the stock on hand for when you order, making our turn around times faster and more efficient. 

These are just some of the deals we have successfully negotiated over the last few months, in order to not only ensure our product range is relevant, but also bringing you the latest products, at the very best prices. I realise this sounds so cliched, but in managing this business on a very personal basis, daily, we recognise that it is the little things that make the difference!!

Wishing you a wonderful week and wherever you are, a loverly break over the Easter week end and hopefully a very successful visit from the Easter Bunny.

Warm Regards,





Liqui Fruit
Liqui Fruit

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