Zuma driving SA Potty…

Sapro April 2017


Well it seems pretty difficult to write a newsletter that ignores the massive disruptions and changes that have occurred over the last few days in S.A.  The reality is that we have never been challenged in our young democracy as we have over the last week.  And then of course, an earth tremor in Botswana that could be felt in Jhb, or was it just the noise the Rand made as it was dropping through the floor following the announcement of our downgrading by S&P to BBB- or Junk status?  Either way, we face a challenge like never before and maybe, just maybe this is the tipping point….when all South Africans, regardless of race, gender or religion, start to understand exactly what democracy actually is and unite to fight to get SA back from corruption, plundering and pillaging. 

Can’t say we don’t live in interesting times…as with Brexit and the reality of triggering the article 50 exit, as voted by the people and the fact that good old Donald is having a fine time signing executive orders that are being challenged in court – sound familiar?  It seems that change is afoot everywhere and the very pillars of democracy challenged, as are the people, to stand up and be counted…

We also had the announcement that is is now legal to grow and smoke Marijuana in your home.  Isn’t that wonderful news. So in our continued effort to bring you new products, we are offering an early bird special to purchase the best-grown pot in SA.  Durban poison.  The most effective pot we produce.  It is easy to roll, we remove all the pips and pre-dry it in our microwave before shipping and it's unbelievably cheap!!  And with the new exchange rate, we might even be paying you to buy it??

We of course cannot guarantee that our packers won’t test drive some of the product and as a result, your container may end up in Calcutta, but hell, nothing that another joint won’t cure??.

We have access to a large variety that can be packed in full or part containers… 
So here’s to a Cheech and Chong – Up in Smoke farewell.

Anyway happy April Fools month, don't worry we definitely won't be shipping any Durban Poison soon!!!  :)


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